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Asian Network for Quality

Asian Network for Quality(ANQ) consisting of all non-profit organizations in Asia that seek to improve quality of human life by contributing to
the progress of science and technology; and to the development of industry through promotional activities for the research and development of
philosophy, theory, methodology and application in the field of quality and quality management.

ANQ Organization

What is ANQ

Various regions of Asia form Asian Network for Quality with the Goal of contributing to creativity, integration, prosperity and quality of human life in Asia.

Who we are

ANQ facilitates new blood flowing into the quality evolution of each organization from other Asian member bodies, contributing to a unique quality evolution in each organization. ANQ is not influenced by any politics.

What we do

ANQ provides a platform and the opportunity for enhanced mutual sharing and learning of the knowledge and experiences obtained through the research and development and practices in quality performed by the member organizations.

ANQ way

ANQ operates through the strategy based on constancy of purpose, knowledge creation, voluntary spirit and system approach to improvement; living the Asian way of harmony in diversity, mutual respect and austerity; following core values based on honesty, flexibility and self-control.




  • Quality of Human Life
  • Prosperity
  • Uniqueness, Integration and Inter-dependence
  • 3C’s – Customer satisfaction through Competitiveness and Creativity



  • Constancy of Purpose
  • System Approach to Improvement
  • Knowledge Development for Enriching Inherent Intelligence
  • Integrity in performance and Voluntary participation


Asian Way

  • Harmony in Diversity
  • Mutual Respect and Compassion
  • Austerity and Simple Living
  • Effective and Efficient Use of Abundant Resources


Core Values

  • Honesty and Sincerity
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Self control and Responsibility

ANQ Events

Welcome Message from
Prof Y. Gusakov – ANQ Chairman



Dear colleagues,
It is my honour and pleasure on behalf of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) to invite you to the 14th Congress of ANQ which will be held in Vladivostok, Russia on 21-22 September 2016.
For the last decade ANQ has been working hard on promoting quality is Asia. Being relatively young international organization of Asian countries, ANQ has managed to find its place in the range of international quality leaders.
ANQ has 17 members, non for profit national quality organizations working in Asian countries to improve quality of human life by contributing to the progress of science, Technology and industrial development through promotional activities in theory, methodology and practice in the field of quality.

Member Organizations

We are committed in bringing you the best practices and leading thoughts on quality dedicated to Asia.

Past Congresses