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Ishikawa Kano Award


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The Ishikawa-Kano award is fittingly named after two eminent thinkers in the field of quality management in the latter half of the 20th century who passionately promoted quality as a way of life in different parts of the world often at their own expense and time, Prof. Kaoru Ishikawa and Prof. Noriaki Kano. Prof Ishikawa is considered the pioneer of the evolution of Total Quality Management in its holistic approach as it is perceived today. His most prominent legacy is in people involvement particularly at the Gemba through Quality Control Circles for harnessing their emotional and intellectual potential for managing their work for the benefit of all stakeholders.  Professor Noriaki Kano is considered as amongst the handful of the contemporary leaders in the field of quality management in the world who made substantial contribution in many ways to the concept and practice of quality management. His most widely used legacy is the Kano Model for Attractive Quality Creation that has influenced product development processes in all sectors of economy around the world.

Ishikawa- Kano Awards were presented to

Prof. Ching Chao Yang, Adjunct professor of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
Ramanathan, Advisor – SRF and Independent Consultant on Quality Based Management, India

Ishikawa- Kano Awards were presented to

Qin Yufeng President Dong E E Jiao Corporation Limited. China
Mr. S. Katyrin, President of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)

Ishikawa- Kano Awards were presented to
Mr. Xu Heyi is (Chairman of Board for Beijing Automotive Industry Group Co., Ltd.)(CAQ)
Mr. Wisade Wisidwinyo (President CPRAM Co., Ltd.)(SQAT))
Dr. Nguyen Huu Thien (Founding Member and CEO Lean Six Sigma Network in Vietnam, Founding Member and President, Vietnam Testing Association VINALAB)(VQAH)

Prof. Sue presented the ANQ Ishikawa-Kano Award (IKA) to the awardees. There were four awardees this year and they were

  • Mr. Song Zhiping (Chairman of China National Building Materials Group Corporation) (CAQ)
  • Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Toan (Former Chairman, Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City) (VQAH),
  • Mr. Somchai Nirapathpongporn (CEO, SCI Corporation Co., Ltd.) (SQAT)
  • Prof. Tsong Chawson (Honorary Chairman, Association of Pioneer Quality Control Research (PQCRA)) (CSQ).

List of Award Winners for the Year 2013

  • Ishikawa-Kano Awards.
  • Ishikawa-Kano Awards were presented to
  • Mr. Rit Thirakomen,
  • Chairman and CEO of MK Restaurant Group Public Co., Ltd., Thailand.

Ishikawa Kano Award winner 2012 as under

  • Mr Venu Srinivasan Chairman TVS Motors
  • Ms Dong Mingzhu President Gree Electric Appliances
  • Mr liang Haishan Executive Vice President Haier Group
  • Ishikawa-Kano Award (IKA) Awarded by Asian network for Quality (ANQ) Prof. Liu Yuan Zhang
  • Ishikawa-Kano Award (IKA) Awarded by Asian network for Quality (ANQ) Mr. Kan Tra Kul Hoon

Dr. Yoji Akao, First IKA Award Winner