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18th ANQ Congress 2020 (Online)

22(Thu)~23(Fri), October, 2020 - KCCI, Seoul, Korea

Theme: New Quality & New Trust: (Measuring and Sharing of QTI)
Visit https://anq2020.org/notice/ for more presentations and videos during the ANQ Congress 2020.

Plenary session – I, Dr. Noriaki Kano, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science (Japan)
(Building Society Quality towards with-Corona Society)
Presentation by Dr. Noriaki Kano
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Plenary session – I, Mr. Janak Mehta (Chairman and Managing Director of TQMI (India)
(COVID-19 and its impact on people and the way business and quality is managed)
Presentation by Mr. Janak Mehta
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Plenary session – I, Dr. Gregory H. Watson, EUR. Ing. (USA)
(Coping with Global Turbulance . . . Crafting a Quality Approach)
Presentation by Dr. Gregory H. Watson
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Plenary session – II, Dr. Youngjin Suh, Vice President of SAMSUNG Electronics (Korea) (Samsung's Activities for Excellence in Quality)
Plenary session – II, Mr. Sangjin Lee Chairman & CEO of Korean Standards Association (How to apply AI and Blockchain technology to New Quality Management) Presentation by Mr. Sangjin Lee
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Plenary session – II Professor Zen He, Ph.D.,Tianjin University (China) (Opportunities and Challenges of Quality Management and Engineering in the Era of Industry 4.0)
Plenary session – II Dr. Heejun Park, Yonsei University (Korea) (Digital Transformation based on Platform)
QTI – Survey results, recognition (Digital Transformation based on Platform)

Dates: October  21-24, October 2019

For details and updates visit:  http://www.anq2019.org

Place: Bangkok, Thailand

We are pleased to inform you that  17 th  Asian Congress  to be held in Bangkok, Thailand October 21-24’2019.

Theme: Quality Innovation for Sustainability

The important dates of the Congress are shown below:

Call for Paper

Application Open:  18 th  April 2019
Deadline for Abstract Submission:  30 th  April 2019
Deadline for Full Paper Submission:  18 th  May 2019
Venue: Chulalongkom University / The Berkeley Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Temporary Schedule:
21 st  Oct 2019 – ANQ-CEC meeting
22 nd  Oct 2019 – ANQ Board meeting
23 rd  -24 th  Oct 2019 – ANQ 2019 Congress

25 th  Oct 2019 – Technical and Cultural Visit

Dates : 19-20 September 2018

Place : Almaty, Kazakhstan

More details Link :  https://anq2018.org

Photos Link :  Conference

Session Papers

Date: 21-22 September 2016
Place: Far Eastern Federal University (FEFO), Vladivostok, RUSSIA.

Keynote Speakers at ANQ Congress 2016 :
  • Prof. Gennady (Vice President for Strategic Development, FEFU). Topic- Socially Active University as the Basis of the Region’s Development.
  • Prof. Noriaki Kano (Professor Emerites, Tokyo University of Science; Honorary Chairperson, ANQ). Topic – Kano Model for Quality Competitiveness.
  • Mr. Janak Mehta- Chairman IAQ.  Topic – Quality -The Essence of Being.

Date: 22 – 24 September 2015
Place: Taipei – Taiwan

Keynote Speakers at ANQ Congress 2015
Please click on the following link to download Keynote speeches:
  • Dr. Noriaki Kano Professor Emeritus,
  • Tokyo University of Science “Framework for Quality for Sales with Q1, Q2, and Q3”.
  • Dr. Yury Gusakov (Chairperson of ANQ)
  • Dr. Catherine Chan on behalf Prof. Yoji Akao (Chairlady of Hong Kong QFD Association) “Introducing QFD to Taiwan”.
  • Mr. Gregory H. Watson (IAQ) and his son Mr. Andrew D. Watson “The Role of Artistic Thinking as an Innovation Stimulus to Increase Quality”.
  • Mr. David Lee (Chairman, King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.) “Innovation vs Quality”.
  • Dr. Yury Gusakov (Chairman, ANQ; Seniro VP and CEO, ROQ) “Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility”
  • Mr. Janak Kumar Mehta (board director –ANQ) founder President ISQ,