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12th ANQ Congress (2014) International Conference on Quality Pakistan's 13th International Convention on Quality Improvement 2014(ICQ'14-Tokyo). 
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Agenda of 24th ANQ board meeting held on Taipei, 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.) on Tuesday 11 March 2014 and Wednesday 12 March 2014 has been uploaded on ANQ website

Minutes and Agenda of 23rd ANQ board meeting held 14-18 October 2013 at Bangkok has been uploaded on ANQ website

Minutes and Agenda of 22nd ANQ Board Meeting has been posted on the website for the record . Board Meeting and ANQ-CEC Meeting hosted by KSQM Held successfully on 21-22 March 2013 at Seoul Please click on for glimpses and Thanks message from VQAH



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On behalf of Asian Network for Quality and Singapore Quality Institute, I would like to warmly welcome all participants to the 12th ANQ Congress to be held in Singapore from 5-8th Aug 2014.

Positioned as a vibrant, business hub and increasingly-resilient on manufacturing and services, ..pls click on for more

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Key Dates for ANQ Congress-2014

05 August 2014 – ANQ Board Meeting
06 & 07 August 2014 – ANQ Congress
08 August 2014 – Technical Visits

(Visit here for more information on Technical Visits)

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International Conference on Quality
"Innovation through Quality -Creating New Value for the World"
October 19-22, 2014
Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, JAPAN

Visit for more details

share Global QiETT/IAQ collaboration with UNESCO

QiETT/IAQ and UNESCO have entered into an exciting
new collaboration, writes QNewZ columnist Roland K.
Jahnke, Chairman of the Quality in Education Think Tank
(QiETT) of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ).
Pls Click on for the artical

2 nd IAQ/ANQ Symposium 2013 in Bangkok Held sucessfully

During the IAQ/ANQ Symposium 2012 in Hong Kong had been some key takeaways. Meanwhile several activities are realized. Roland K. Jahnke, IAQ Academician and Chairman of the IAQ Quality in Education Think Tank (QiETT) writes in a bi-monthly column in QNewZ ...please click on for more

.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Welcome 2 New ANQ Board Members” ( 21 st ANQ Board meeting)

International Association for Quality Managers and Auditors  IAQMA (Kazakhstan).

The new name of the company is  "Kazakh Organization for Quality and Innovation Management" .  We think that name provides better recognition of our organization as a Kazakh company which has activity in the field of Quality management and Innovations.
We have conducted an official re-registration of the company name, which is the legal successor of IAQMA. 
Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City (VQAH), Vietnam


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